• Dave NewMyer Retirement Party

Dave NewMyer’s retirement party with co-workers and friends. Dave was the Chairperson and driving force of the new Tech Building housing the new Aviation and Automotive programs.
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    State-of-the-art buildings make SIU Carbondale even more attractive to students and faculty.

  • Pulliam Hall Stairs

Honor students walking to class in front of Pulliam Hall. (Northwest Side Stairs)
Images are for the New Honors Program Brochure being produced by Lipman Hearne.
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    Scholarship funds assist students in financing their education as they pursue career goals.

  • SIU Debate Team on Stage

COLA / Debate Team
Staged shots of the Debate Team practicing for some upcoming competitions. They are very well respected and always place high at competitions.
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    Cutting-edge equipment and resources for various academic disciplines enhance the value of education at SIU Carbondale.

  • Gold Rope & Medallion

Outline images of the Gold Rope and Gold Medallion given to the graduating Honor Student at Commencement.
Images will be used in the new Honor Student Program Brochure.
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    Awards and honors attract and retain top-notch faculty by providing career development opportunities.



Air Force Veteran Pays It Forward

A man who served his country for more than 20 years in the United States Air Force is giving back to his alma mater. Terry Asher, a 1979 SIU engineering graduate, and his wife, Susan, are making a $1-million estate gift to the university to support SIU’s general scholarship fund for engineering.

‘I’ve Always Had Angels Looking Out for Me’

While growing up in Vincennes, Ind., Carolyn WarmSun recalls her parents stressing the importance of education. She set college as a goal. However, her family’s limited financial resources meant WarmSun would have to develop a plan on her own.

‘I Have Many Happy Memories Of This Place’

Walter Rodgers’ career travels as an ABC News and CNN correspondent took him all over the world. He has dined and played softball with former U.S. Presidents, provided coverage of historical events internationally and faced numerous life-threatening situations as a war correspondent.



Norma Faust

“People at SIU have not forgotten me as an alumna. Some seek my advice. Others include me in events and continue to make me feel special—and did even before they knew I had included SIU in my will.”

Amit Singh

“SIU Carbondale has a special place in my life. I was one of the severely injured students in the Pyramid Apartment fire at SIU in December 1992. I benefited from the generosity of SIU community members during my recovery period. I am giving back a little to express my gratitude and fund engineering scholarships for current and future SIU students.”

Ravi Dhungel

“Motivation and support from faculty and staff instilled confidence, skills and knowledge to succeed in the U.S. I completed a double major in Geographic Information Science and Computer Science.”