Paying It Forward

A three-degree alumnus who enjoyed a 33-year career as an associate professor has never forgotten the impact that Southern Illinois University had on his life.

Deeply Rooted Devotion To The Arts

This lively lady has invited the Free Range Chix, a local trio, to sing at her 99th birthday party next month. She’s a regular supporter of music and the arts, having helped to establish the Southern Illinois Chamber Music Society, and funding the SIU School of Music’s first cash prize for student composers, named for her uncle, Carl Deis, a musician in his own right.

George Klenovich: A First-Generation Journey

As George Klenovich prepared to graduate from George Washington High School in 1976, college didn’t appear to be in his future. A standout student, Klenovich was double promoted during elementary school. But Klenovich’s mother was concerned about him leaving home to attend college at such a young age.