SIU Alumni Association

The SIU Alumni Association was established by a group of students who didn’t want their relationship with the University to end upon graduation.  The Association held its first meeting on June 10, 1896.  As the largest and oldest organization at Southern Illinois University, the SIU Alumni Association continues to proudly serve SIU alumni and friends.

Today, the SIU Alumni Association has grown much larger than the group of students originally anticipated in 1896.  The organization provides communication, networking, and social events for its members.  Additionally, SIU Career Services access, educational benefits, and student and alumni recognition programs are also primary focal points of the SIU Alumni Association.  Membership dues assist in the meeting the needs of past, present, and future students.

A primary objective of the SIU Alumni Association is to bridge the gap between alumni and students, and, establish and maintain a relationship for various constituencies with the University.  The organization is still trusted with fostering programs and activities that encourage alumni, students and friends to develop a lifetime relationship with the University.

You can further the Association’s mission.  Your contributions to support various SIU Alumni Association activities, events and programs can improve the lives of everyone that SIU Carbondale impacts.



Student Alumni Council Activities Fund

Assists in the advancement of a Student Alumni Council through travel, conferences, and publications

Annual Gifts Depository Alumni Unrestricted Fund

Benefits general activity of the SIU Alumni Association

Legacy Scholarship

Provides an endowed scholarship to students with a parent, grandparent, sibling, step-parent or legal guardian who is an SIU Carbondale alumnus