Education and Human Services

The College of Education and Human Services exemplifies diversity by offering more than 28 majors including undergraduate, master’s and doctoral degrees, and certifications programs. The College strives to be a leader in a wide variety of settings – schools, industry, the military, public and private agencies – for the promotion of a better society and improved quality of life.  Students can attain their educational goals on campus or in classrooms, agencies, military bases, and organizations worldwide.

Students in our programs are prepared for various careers ranging from teachers, school and college administrators, and community counselors to speech pathologists, rehabilitation counselors and social workers.  They receive endless hands-on study opportunities, even as undergraduates, through campus facilities such as the world-renowned Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders and the acclaimed Rehabilitation Institute.

Education and human services is the single most important medium to assist in educating all people, solving poverty, improving health care and stabilizing the welfare of generations to come.

For decades, we have been giving first generation students opportunities they wouldn’t get anywhere else.  We need your help to continue this tradition.  Your private support will provide scholarships, faculty support, or fellowship opportunities making us better today, and ensuring a bright future tomorrow.



Education Excellence Fund

Supports the goals and objectives of the College of Education and Human Services, without explicitly limiting the types of projects that are eligible for funding

Education Facilities and Technology Fund

Provides funds for maintaining the physical facilities and technological infrastructure of the College of Education and Human Services

Education Scholarship Fund

Provides scholarship funding for students in the College of Education and Human Services and is administered at the discretion of the Dean of the College