Norma Faust

IMG_20141029_194517313“Southern Illinois University people were friendly, honest and eager to talk and work with me. Because people listened they were able to assist me in housing, programming and succeeding. My professors and final Ph.D. committee members were dedicated, knowledgeable, demanding and helpful as I achieved my goals.

People at SIU have not forgotten me as an alumna, either. Others include me in events and continue to make me feel special—and did even before they knew I had included SIU in my will.

Including an alma mater in your will is as easy as writing a declarative sentence. It is even better if you contact someone from the SIU Foundation to be sure the gift you leave is used where and how you intended and doesn’t fall into the general budget unless you want it to.

You, too, may leave a legacy! Wishing each of you a happy, healthy and long life.”