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Southern Illinois University Foundation
1235 Douglas Drive
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Carbondale, IL 62901

SIU Carbondale prides itself on being an institution within reach for students with a strong desire to achieve. Therefore, the university’s goal is to attract students who seek a rigorous academic experience.

Commitment to student success will encompass the whole student experience, while focusing on academic achievement, student engagement, campus environment and post-graduation performance. As a result, SIU Carbondale adds value to the lives of its students through teaching, research and service endeavors.

In many cases, the university is providing opportunities for first-generation college students – an SIU Carbondale tradition. The University College welcomes and orients new students to the campus, guiding them so they can maximize their undergraduate experience and fully engage with the university community by becoming self-directed learners for their academic career and for their lives.

University College is a comprehensive and purposeful administrative structure designed to promote student engagement, connection and investment in the university community. By focusing on student learning through intentional, holistic and student-centered programs and services, the University College provides a pathway and guides new students in the development of academic and personal skills essential for student success. The University College will be widely recognized for innovative and exemplary student services promoting holistic student development, success and retention and will gain a national reputation for excellence.

You can help us shape the leaders of tomorrow. By supporting the First Scholars Program, you are making an impact by transforming the lives of motivated students who are driven to attain achievement and success. Furthermore, you will enjoy a unique sense of accomplishment because you created a lasting change and better future for young people who aspire to follow in your footsteps.




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