An endowment account is created under the terms of a gift agreement which indicates the account is not wholly expendable on a current basis. Contributions to an endowment can be in the form of cash, securities, life insurance, or real estate. You may also establish an endowment through planned giving options, including your will or charitable trusts.

New contributions to endowment accounts are invested quarterly into the endowment investment pool. Interest, dividends, realized capital gains/losses, unrealized gains/losses and other investment income are allocated monthly to the endowment account based on the number of shares the account owns in the endowment pool at the beginning of the month.

An endowment account has a corresponding expendable account. A portion of the endowment account revenue is distributed annually to this corresponding expendable account to be used for the endowment’s stated purpose indicated in the gift agreement.

The minimum amount required to establish an endowment is $25,000 (payable over a period of us to five years). When you create an endowment, you are creating a legacy that lives forever. This option allows you to pay tribute to a loved one, special mentor, your family, or yourself.

Endowment Levels

Endowed Chair: $1 million or more 
May be used as salary supplement and support such as graduate assistants, travel, equipment, etc., to the chair holder

Endowed Professorship: $250,000 or more
May be used as salary supplement and support such as graduate assistants, travel, equipment, etc., to the holder of the professorship

Endowed Visiting Lecturer: $250,000 or more
Support to host notable individuals on campus; includes, but is not limited to, stipends for the lecturer, travel expenses, publication costs, etc.

Endowed Faculty Fellowship: $100,000 or more
May be used as salary supplement and support such as graduate assistants, travel, equipment, etc., to the fellowship recipient

Endowed Graduate Fellowships: $50,000 or more
Supports stipend supplements to graduate students

Endowed Scholarships: $25,000 or more
Provides merit, diversity, and need-based scholarships to students

Facilities (Generally 51% of the Cost)
Naming opportunities are available for buildings and other facilities such as labs, classrooms, athletic fields and arenas, etc. Such naming opportunities must be approved according to University policies and practices prior to any commitment being made to the donor.


The Foundation charges an annualized one and a half percent investment fee on endowments. This fee is based on the balance of the endowment as of December 31st. The purpose of this fee is to defray expenses and support the general charitable purpose of the Foundation. Endowments are also charged the investment manager’s fee which was 35.2 basis points or .352% for fiscal year FY14. The Foundation General Fund incurs the cost of the investment consultant.

SIU Carbondale and the SIU Foundation retain six percent of all gifts to enhance philanthropic-related initiatives. The Foundation uses five percent of the fee to fund central operations, and, returns one percent to the generating colleges or units to support their specific advancement activities. It is the Foundation’s goal to increase private support, which will assist the various colleges of the University in providing quality services to its students, alumni and the communities we serve.